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CPU Usage 100 on idle. Please help!


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Jan 3, 2010
Ok thanks all for your help here. This is a stupid problem Im having

First off

. I turned off windows search, turned off .

When Im not using comp, In about 5 minutes my CPU usage spikes to 12, instead of 0 idle. As soon as I touch the mouse the high usage ends and Im back at idle. If I leave the comp for couple minutes I come back I see the usage 12 percent taking up a thread. it will go on until you touch mouse.

Also , no screensaver no power managemtn. I mean

When I check taskmanager whats taking that usage is system idle process

Its not any app its the system interrupts...

ALso no virus no background app,, I close it all down and exit all in task man,,,,,,,, still ,,,,,, if I dont touch it , goes to 12 percent usage and that hurts my temp for no reason being worked.... Anyhow, if someone would help me fix this I would be greatful.