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CPU temperature spiking to 100 suddenly


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Aug 24, 2017
Hi there,

I'm facing a weird problem with my PC where the CPU temperature spikes up to 90-100 degrees all of sudden. I've i5 6600k with Gigabyte Gaming & mother board. It's got Corsair H100i V2 liquid cooler. The problem occurred first yesterday when I was working on my PC and I see the red LED of the cooler. I rebooted to BIOS and it showed temperature of 100 degrees Celsius. I tried to reboot a few times again but nothing worked.

I kept the case opened for a while hoping for temperature to come down. I could fee the pipe near the pump getting hot quite a bit. After I thought I'd take it to the PC repair shop, I rebooted the PC again after an hour or so and it the temperatures were back normal around 40 degrees celcius when in BIOS.

Today I've been working whole day without any issue and suddenly the problem occurred again. I kept the PC off for a while and then rebooted and the temperature starts increasing from 63 degree celcius onward and continue to grow beyond 95.

I'm not sure what might be the issue but I'd like to figure out is the cause of the problem.



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Jan 28, 2004
Might also want to check how you have the pump connected and if you have a BIOS/Corsair Link speed control setting conflict at the pump. Could also explain why you can use it sometimes just fine and then it spikes the temp quickly.

For example if you have the BIOS set to a custom power curve for the header on the board where you have the pump connected.

Easy thing to check before automatically assuming the pump is bad.


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Aug 24, 2017
It was the pump. I moved to air cooling temporarily with Cooler Master 212 Turbo until I get this one replaced under warranty.

I'm pretty surprised to find that this pump didn't even last a year.


Jun 30, 2004
Over the years, I've read many posts and threads about the Corsair AIO coolers.

If it isn't one thing, it's another. But those are the threads and posts that get posted. People don't post much if they have nothing for which to complain. It's a logic similar to customer reviews at a reseller website like the Egg.

Still . . . . enough reasons for me to enjoy my ThermalRight LG Macho setup and feel sort of . . . well . . . cunning . . .