Question CPU Cooler "forward" Compatibility for AMD?


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Nov 16, 2006
Q: How has AMD's CPU cooler mounting hardware compatibility been across the AM generations, and has there been any word on how the mounting hardware will look on AM5 going forward?

I've been running my signature rig for the last 5 years. Prior to that, I ran a Q9550 rig for ~3-4 years. Prior to that a E7200...

In all of that time, I have carried forward a now ancient H60 AIO cooler that was forward compatible from Intel's 775 socket to the 1151 socket and even the 1200 socket. The pin placement is a bit off but the mounting hardware that came with the cooler is compatible with all three sockets. It still cools my 6600K adequately (OC'ed CPU tends to peak around 50c, not great, but not bad for a relic AIO either).

Unfortunately, the cooler being as old as it is, it never included (or I have lost) the mounting hardware for AMD sockets.

As upgrading GPUs looks like its out of the question at this point, I've been eying deals on 10700's and whatnot (which would allow me to just keep pulling forward this ridiculously old AIO), but would really like to return to an AMD build thanks to their extremely competitive 5xxx series, but I'd like to have at least some assurance that AMD is not in the habit of constantly changing their mounting solution from generation to generation.


Jun 26, 2010
As far as I remember, coolers needed some new mounting hardware for Ryzen and AM4 sockets when they first came out, something about socket thickness if I remember correctly. No relevant info is out for AM5 socket as far as I've heard, so it's a toss-up if you'll need new mounting hardware or not.
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Sep 28, 2005
ugh... the past 3 AMD builds i had i was required to completely remove the stock mounting system and install the one supplied with the heatsink.

You will need new hardware for AM4, as AM3 will not work.
I would assume AM4 will be the mounting system for a while unless we get a complete socket change.