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CPU choices for HTPC


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Oct 2, 2013
I'm picking up a low end laptop to use mainly for HTPC on my TV for Netflix, Google movies, Youtube, bluray, etc.

My choices are either the i3 3217U, i3 3120M, A4 5000, perhaps A6 5200 or even the A6 5350M (of those laptops which are HDCP compliant). I originally was going to get a Pentium 2020M but realized it has a weak GPU which isn't good for HD video playback. My main concern is which CPU is best for handling Netflix (and its crappy Silverlight use), however Netflix is moving to HTML5 and it plays nicely on my older laptop (Athlon II P360) in 8.1 review using IE11.

Decisions hurmmm, so which would be best suited for that and still not cost an arm and leg.