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CPDN Seasonal Attribution extension.


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Feb 5, 2001
15 January, 2007
Happy new year! We have done some primary analysis of simulations sent back to us so far with some intriguing results. In fact, in light of these results we are now planning a small extension to this project in the coming few days. See here for details of the extension!.
18 January, 2007
We've now intiated the extension to this project and generated new simulations for download. Enjoy!
CPU: Pentium 4, 2.4GHz (or equivalent, or higher!) is the minimum CPU suggested to complete a single simulation in under 4 weeks if run continuously. Slower processors will take longer.
RAM: 1GB of RAM is highly recommended, simulation uses 430 MB memory.
Disk: 1 GB free.
Deadline: 6 months.

Compared to other CPDN-models, Seasonal Attribution is short, normally using less than 1 month for a full model. A wu is 1-year climate-model, checkpoints once per model-day, 144 timesteps, and trickles every 5 days, 720 timesteps worth 72 Cobblestones. Since much higher-resolution model than other CPDN-models, each timestep will take significantly longer. This also means it can take 1-2 hours between checkpoints, so isn't recommended on computers that is often re-booted and so on.

There's one known bug, after 66% done, model will start Trickling too often, but each trickle is 100 bytes or something, so this isn't really a problem.

Like other CPDN-models, Seasonal Attribution is very cpu, memory-intensive and disk-intensive, and can bring many "stable" (especially if overclocked) computers to crash.

For anyone with atleast 1 GB memory and wants to crunch a model, attach your BOINC-client to http://attribution.cpdn.org/
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