How To counter strike hd edition resolution need help


Jan 19, 2017
counter strike hd edition resolution help..hi,please kindly take some time to read my post
my monitor highest native resolution is 1920x1080, size is 21.5 inches ,for my eyes its too big for me,so i shrinked it it too my older 17" crt monitor to 1728x852 desktop screen size and position with black bars up and down,i am ok with it.
i use to play counter strike offline in 1280x720 widescreen in my older monitor,it was a widescren so it was good i guess,i like maverick gun to use ,but when i tried to play widescreen in this new 21 inches monitor - its zoom in ,my eyes hurts,gave a dizzy eye ball pain.
so i searched a lot in internet and learned to custom resolution ,then i was able to do 1440x1080 which was available in normal video mode in couterstrike ,i am little happy with it -aspect fixed,scaling-gpu.
also i tried to make a custom 1336x768 which said i already have it,but never able to find it in my normal mode video resolution in counter strike game.
game version is counterstrike hd edition.
so basically i would like to know why 1336 isnt getting in the list of neither normal video mode or the wide screen,but i dont like widescreen now in this monitor,too zoom in.
this 1440x1080 custom was available in game normal video resolution-- it was a surprise for me,i would be happy if i keep on trying custom other resolutions which i expect to be added in list of game normal video mode resolutions.
thanks for reading.