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Could Trump Disqualify YOUR STATE From Participating In The 2020 Election?


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Feb 1, 2008
Imagine, election night November 3rd 2020.
Because of what Donald Trump and Louis DeJoy have done to the postal service, states will be unable to validate their election returns on election night. Instead, many states asking for a delay so those uncounted mail-in ballots can be counted. Thousands of ballots by mail uncounted, and many still undelivered to state election authorities. And thus, Donald Trump along with Trump attorney general William Barr will march up to the US Supreme Court to have those states deemed as disqualified from adding their totals to the national total. Trump would imply that if a state can not determine an accurate final tally on election night, and the final tally from that state as unable to be determined on election night, then that state tally would be tossed out. All of it, every casted vote disqualified because, according to Barr when pleading his case, "should part of the tally be in question then all of the tally should be in question, and thus every part of the state tally deemed ineligible". The US Supreme Court would rule a state to be deemed ineligible from participating in the 2020 general election should a final tally from that state be unobtainable on November 3rd. As with Bush vs Gore in 2000, William Barr would seek to halt and the US Supreme Court would then rule to halt ballot counting where the final outcome could not be determined "in a reasonable timeframe". And oddly enough, all of those tossed-out states, those deemed ineligible states, all having been democratic states where Donald Trump would have surely lost. Impossible you say? With this Donald Trump enabled US Supreme Court.... anything is possible. After all, Trump had an election coming up.

Lets talk Trump corruption in general.
This election cycle, Donald Trump along with his enablers have already began "fixing" this election so that Joe Biden can not possibly win. This time, Donald Trump is tossing everything including the kitchen sink into the mix to rig the election, and to place every obstacle possible to block a Biden win and thus ensuring a Trump success.
Lets take them one by one.

Screwing up the postal system. (covered above)

The Donald Trump commutation of Roger Stone.
Look at that commutation closer. Roger Stone is possibly the most skilled political dirty-trickster in political history. Roger Stone developed his talents during the Nixon administration, and Donald Trump needed the talents of Roger Stone during not only the 2016 election but more so during the 2020 election. However, Donald had a problem. Roger Stone was a jailed convicted criminal and so, Donald Trump commuted Roger Stone so that Roger could be freed to do Trump's political dirty work once again. Donald Trump needed Roger Stone, and Roger Stone needed Donald Trump. And now, Trump has what he wanted and needed. And THAT people was why Donald Trump commuted Roger Stone when he did. After all, Trump had an election coming up.

The birther accusation.
Oh yeah, why not try that dirty trick again? It kinda worked the first time against Obama, forcing Obama to release his birth certificate when Obama did not need to do so. Trump decided to try it again and see where that goes. Then, to start the process, Donald Trump instructed his old friend attorney John Eastman to write an op-ed questioning the legitimacy of Kamala Harris as an US citizen. John Eastman planted the seed, Donald Trump added the fertilizer, and the battle begins. All the while as Donald Trump claims no personal involvement with fueling the birther conspiracy against Harris, however we all know it was the dirty work of Donald Trump and Roger Stone. That is what they do. This is who they are. They work well together. Yes people, Donald Trump is determined to win this election at any cost. One dirty trick is never enough for Donald Trump. Donald Trump must have his barrel full of dirty tricks, and the personal connections to pull them off.

Rudy Giuliani.
Strange, no one has heard anything from Rudy Giuliani lately. I wonder why that is? Well, if you think Rudy Giuliani is sleeping peacefully in his bat-cave, you're mistaken. Rudy Giuliani has been busy as a bat flying around to find ways to sabotage the Biden/Harris campaign. So stay tuned. Rudy Giuliani is alive and well and working as hard as ever, working every day and every hour for Donald Trump to sabotage the Biden campaign. And none of us will hear one peep of what Rudy us up to until.... oh I'd say until one week before November 3rd. Rest assured, Rudy Giuliani is cooking up something spicy, something we could never imagine. And no one has any idea if what that Giuliani spicy recipe may be, but Trump knows. Donald Trump knows because Donald Trump ordered it. After all, Donald Trump has an election coming up.

William Barr.
Last but not least, and undoubtedly not the last effort from this corrupt administration, expect Bill Barr to pull something out of his hat adding doubt to the minds of the voters. As with Rudy Giuliani, Bill Barr's hit-job will take place only days before November 3rd. However both not together, Rudy Giuliani will hit first and then Willian Barr will hit soon after, or the other way around, but both definitely spaced just far enough apart as to cause the most damage. The old one-two punch. What exactly William Barr has up his sleeve should be most interesting. We don't know in which direction Barr will go. Would Bill Barr attack Joe Biden himself? Would Bill Barr attack Joe's family? Would Bill Barr attack one of Joe's sons? Might even William Barr stoop so low as to attack Joe Biden's deceased son Beau? To come out with some accusation against Beau Biden? Something, anything that could be labeled as criminal activity and thus warrant William Barr to initiate an investigation into Joe, or Beau, or maybe Hunter Biden? Who knows? It is anyones guess, but be assured something definitely will take place from the office of William Barr attorney general for Donald Trump. Some last minute attack per orders of.... Donald Trump and Roger Stone. After all, Donald Trump has an election coming up.

This is only a small portion of the Trump dirty tricksters game plan. Expect a lot more of the same. Donald Trump really wants to win this election, his personal re-election. For Donald Trump to lose his personal 2020 re-election would for Trump be worse than losing his 2016 election. To lose re-election would put Donald Trump in the same category as George H. Bush, and who the hell wants that? Not Donald, that's who the hell. During this election every single American will witness a president use every legal and illegal option available to win an election. From dismantling the entire US postal system to collusion with foreign powers to perverting every American institution. If what is happening to our US postal service appears criminally outrageous, you ain't seen nothing yet. It is what we do not know that should scare the hell out of every American. What could Bill Barr have up his sleeve? What could Rudy Giuliani be up to? What could Roger Stone be plotting with Donald? We have mail-in ballots, birtherism, foreign collusion,
Vladimir Putin.... Only the tip of the iceberg. Tip of the iceberg.


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Dec 4, 1999
The only worry is the voter suppression. Nothing Rudy or Barr come out with wills sway anyone who wants Trumpity Dumpity out.


Aug 5, 2000
I wonder what the chances are that Trump will be able to repeat the Bush/Gore debacle whereby Trump's lackeys in the Supreme Court will hand him the win.
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Feb 5, 2006
This SCOTUS might just be dumb enough to pull this stunt. If they do, America is finished as a country. Are disqualified states going to accept the results of an election they had no part of deciding just because a Republican SCOTUS tells them to? It will go down as Dredd Scott 2.0.
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Aug 2, 2007
I think any attempt would get kicked in the nuts. States get to decide how to.certify their electors; theres no requirement for states to even hold an election to decide how the electors should be allocated, so im not sure the government would have any say. Obviously not a lawyer so happy to hear opinions.


Feb 24, 2009
VA and seniors, as well as most normal healthcare users today, depend on prescriptions by mail (discount for 3 mo. supply). This won't last long.


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Sep 23, 2006
Fortunately he cannot do that. States are not required by law to certify their election on election night. It already takes most states one to two weeks to certify all results. They actually only have to have the Oresidential votes certified by the time EC electors are required to vote. They don’t really have any requirements except for state law in terms of when elections for other races need to be certified.
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Dec 28, 2007
Isn't the great big ever-recurring argument of the Small-Governmenters that the U.S. gov't is only allowed to do what the constitution expressly allows it to do? So how would Dumpy disqualify a state from a Prez election if this is not a power which is expressly mentioned therein? I'm guessing this is the case, as I've never heard of anything like that, but then I never actually read the damn thing either.

So, this sounds unlikely to me. Anyone attempting anything like what OP speculates would end up with the situation going nuclear and everyone getting all of their skeletons unearthed at once. Pretty sure nobody involved would desire that... :)