Could someone explain the differences between the different Seasonic power supplies.

Discussion in 'Power Supplies' started by cmf21, Nov 14, 2012.

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    Trying to find my brother a new power supply for this new computer. Newegg has the Seasonic SSR-550RM on sale today. After looking and looking, I'm just getting more confused. There are so many different models and I can't tell them apart or what's different.

    Could someone explain the differences between the different models.
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    The G series is Seasonic's new gold-rated series, they're good units. The 550W unit you mentioned is indeed on sale for $60 AR, go ahead and grab if it it's for a gaming system. It's both highly efficient and modular and comes with 5 year warranty and is great quality all-round, you won't be disappointed.

    S12II and M12II are mostly older units, although good quality and worth buying if they hit the same price per watt as the G550 now. They're all 80+ bronze so they're less efficient than G series, and only the M12II are modular. Then there's the X series which is Seasonic's high end and contains fully modular 80+ Gold and 80+ Platinum units that are typically very expensive and not worth it for most people.
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