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Costa Del Mar Sunglasses, buyer beware.


Jan 28, 2001
Costa Del Mar Sunglasses, the only LIFETIME WARRANTY available in a
polarized lens. Sounds good. I shelled out $150.00 for a pair and felt like
I had the warranty to look forward to from a reputable company. I had a stem
break and followed their warranty instructions and sent them back for
repair. This form included my credit card number for any damages that I was
responsible for. They returned the glasses to me and said that parts were no
longer available and returned the broken glasses to me.

I spoke with my retailer where I purchased the sun glasses about this. He
spoke with the Costa Del Mar representative and gave me a tag to include
with shipping instructions to an individual that was said to be able to
correct this problem. I sent them in a second time. No response after two
months. My retailer spoke with Costa Del Mar again at a show they had a
booth at. Now I got a letter stating that I had been unreachable by phone
after a number of attempts to call. No Caller ID or voice mail at my home
from Costa Del Mar. As a matter of fact I did not include my phone number
the second time I mailed in the glasses. The letter had a ticket number and
asked me to call. I called and was told if I paid $57 plus shipping they
would send me a used pair ("almost new"). I asked what the LIFETIME WARRANTY
meant if I was to pay this much for the glasses. To my shock I was told:
"the warranty is not for as long as you are I live but for the life of the
product production" this meant when the sunglasses were no longer made the
product was end of life and so was my WARRANTY. I asked the customer service
person how any customer was supposed to know what kind of warranty they
would receive if it was a function of when they changed styles or stopped
selling them even if I was willing to pay for parts and repair. This is why
I caution you againt doing bussiness with Costa Del Mar Sunglasses.

Dec 4, 2002
FYI, "lifetime warranty" doesn't mean a whole lot. Video card manufactures do that, yet consumers fail to realize there are so many conditions that it really covers next to nothing. That is what lifetime warranty means, you just found out the hard way.