Cosmetic dentistry. Crowns or veneers?


Feb 1, 2008
Had some old fillings replaced. I noticed all the staff at the dentist office had great, white, perfect teeth.
So, instead of the old endless whitening strips thing and tender gums, I asked a few of the staff if they had work done on their teeth and if they had crowns or veneers for that million dollar smile?
Weird answers.
Most suggested veneers yet they actually went the crown route when it came to their own teeth.
If anyone around here has an opinion or experience, with either crowns or veneers for cosmetic purposes, please chime in with your opinion/experience.

Looking into either veneers vs crowns, but not really finding any clear answers.
Many do not like the fact that with a crown so much of the tooth must be removed for the crown.
Yet with veneers, the surface of the tooth must be removed for the veneer to stick.
So either way, there is no going back to the original tooth.
Even with veneers, the original tooth must also be forever altered, and like I said there is no going back.

So, veneers of crowns?
I also read that veneers can be short lived.
Some dentist claim to expect 10 - 15 years life out of a veneer.
Where as a crown is more lifetime.
However, even a crown can come off or discolor over time.
Usually with a crown coming off, the same crown can be re-cemented back to the tooth.
Sounds like if a veneer comes off, a new veneer replacement must be created.

So here again, you have a split 50-50 crown vs veneer preference with dentistry professionals, however even the veneer crowd chose crown(s) when to came to their own teeth.
And both are about the same cost per tooth. Go figure.
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Feb 23, 2005
I would NEVER mess with a good tooth just so you can have a perfect smile. "One day, I'll need a knee replacement so let's do it now."

Dude, so much this!

As someone that has three crows I am here to tell you don't do anything unless you have to. It's painful to get it done, costs a **** ton, can make it easier for tooth decay to happen, and you have to be careful of chewing hard foods like almonds. It SUCKS. Veneers are mostly useless because they have so little to hang on to. You'll bite into an apple one day and realize one fell off.

If all you want is white teeth then have them whiten them for you. They can do it in 1-2 visits depending on the level of stain, and can get a touch up every couple years or so.
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Aug 9, 2002
If the tooth is healthy, I would not touch it either. Not unless you want to spend more money later on maintenance. Even though there have been a lot of strides in dentistry over the years, there is no guarantee in anything a dentist does. Then again, no guarantee your teeth will be there when you die either but I would stay away from abrasive cosmetic dentistry unless you have to .


Jul 11, 2001
Why concern yourself with the no going back element of a crown? I just had a crown applied by the same dentist who did more than one gold crown in the past on me. He said the new white crown material he would give me is way tough stuff, so I went with it. It looks like a real tooth. It's a molar, so if it discolors it won't be noticed, but I doubt it will. He didn't mention the possibility of it discoloring. He is an honest guy. Maybe there's not enough experience to know if this material will discolor in 15 years or whatever, but I'm not concerned. I've always really trusted my dentist, he's always been very up front with me. Sometimes I have to ask, but when asked, he's forthright. He could have suggested gold like my others but he was evidently confident in his recommendation for this one.

The crown I just had done, explanation: One day a piece of the tooth came off. There'd been a filling, major work. The cratered tooth was beyond filling, a crown was the thing to do. He told me that there was (probably still is) a possibility that bacteria had infected the root to the extent that I will need a root canal within a year or so even with the new crown. However, a crown now was the thing to do. I went into his office about 7 hours after the piece came off, so my odds of not having significant bacterial infiltration of the root is good, was my sense of it. He's a great dentist. When I called him and explained on the morning the piece had come off, he asked how long it would take me to get there, I said "15 minutes," and he said "come in now!"

BTW, the very annoying pain I was getting on that side of my mouth alot of the time when drinking/eating has gone away since this episode, which was around 10 weeks ago.
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Nov 20, 2009
Why not knock them all out and get dental inplants. That way you could get a variety of grillwork.


Jul 11, 2001
Tooth whiting vrs blinding white fake smile. Hmmm
Yeah, don't worry too much about how you look in the mirror... it's not the same as what people see when they're looking at you. That's in real time and dynamic.