Corsair H100 Pump noises

Discussion in 'Cases & Cooling' started by Bolansk, Dec 3, 2012.

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    Hi. So my brand new H100 Liquid CPU cooler is a bit noisy, but it's not the fans that annoy me. It's actually the pump itself. The pump is making a wierd noise. I don't know how to explain the noise, but it's louder than the fans at max speed.
    The H100 is keeping my CPU at very good temperatures, so it's definitely working fine.

    My question is: Is there anything I can do to make the pump stop making these loud noises, or at least reduce the noise? Maybe re adjust the pump or something?

    Relevant information:

    -The radiator is mounted at the top of a Thermaltake Level 10 GT case.

    -I'm using two Silverstone air penetrator fans in a push configuration.

    -The pump is sitting on an LGA 1155 Motherboard.

    Any help is very appreciated! :)
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    Have the receipt? If so, return it. All the H100/i and 80/i pumps have a mind numbing pump whine. Sounds like (pun) you didn't do your homework.
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    H100 or H100i?

    Contact Corsair, they know about it, they'll fix it. What I've seen is that it's a power supply issue, if the pumps given much more than 12V they complain, and some PSU's run a little over. I don't remember if it was the pump itself or cavitation, but a touch less voltage and it goes away. Models built after a certain point have something built in or attached to the power lead to do it. Earlier builds won't and may / may not make noise depending on your PSU. DIY is an option too if you have little to no patience kinda like me.

    Assuming you have the common problem. There could be a different issue as well.
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    A diode or zener diode in series on the 12V Yellow Wire to the pump will lower the voltage by approx .7v without increasing the load on the PSU if you used a resistor. Reports have been that this modification is enough to prevent the H80 & H100 pumps from rattling or cavitating due to PSU Voltage Variances.

    I believe this issue has been fixed by Corsair with their H80i and H100i Series; but there seems to be a Fan Rattle with the H100i units at low Speed which can be corrected with the latest Firmware, indicating that Corsair does keep on top with Fix's.

    I'm presently debating between the Corsair H100i Vs Thermaltake Water 2.0 Extreme to purchase. Over all the 2.0 Extreme, with it's larger Rad, gets the best reviews in regards to cooling and quietness offering Silent Mode which the Corsair units do not have; but Thermaltake only has a 2 yr warranty Vs the Corsair 5 Year and from what I've read Thermaltake's support is not all that great.

    Both are approx the same price between $99 to $120 with the Thermaltake's being a few dollars cheaper.

    I'm thinking Corsair H100i after having written this but then again I would not mind Thermaltakes Larger Rad, Silent Mode and 2 to 3 degrees cooler per clock - LOL

    Building an ASUS P8Z68-V Pro Gen3/i7 2700k/16GB Samsung MV-3V4G3D-US and with proper cooling I'm possibly looking at 5GHz+ 24-7 @ under 1.5v Clock for under $1,000 with a 128 SSD OS Drive and 2x's 1T WD RE4's in Raid 0, Project End - Spring 2013 - Always reading reviews and shopping for the Best Price - Surely hope the New Year will ring in better prices for SSD's & HDD's ;o)
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    Just got an RMA approval for my H80 today (also using mine in a Tt Level 10 GT Snow) due to the pump cavitation. Mine was bought last year in September and has not been that bad at all until just the past month, at which point it rattles at least once every 2 minutes, ranging from a second to over 20 seconds.

    One problem I will have is locating the stock Corsair fans. I replaced both with GT 1850s but can only find one stock fan on my hardware shelves. If I can't find it I can't RMA it.
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    hi, I've had the same problem with the h100 pump noise as well. I contacted Corsair and they told me that make sure the radiator is at higher elevation than the pump. That what i did and noise went away, if that don't work they'll RMA it for you but i think you have to send the part to them first to verify before they replace you with a new one. Good luck.