Corsair Flash Voyager 16GB USB Flash Drive: $26.15 AR & BCB, Exp.11/12 @newegg

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Jun 29, 2000
link; price is $41.99 - $15 MIR-exp 11/12 = $26.99 - 2% bing cash back on price before rebate {.84 cents} = $26.15


The 16 GB Flash Voyager features Corsair's proprietary all-rubber housing boasting unheard-of durability. In many third party reviews, the Flash Voyager has been shown laundered, baked, frozen, boiled, dropped, even run over by an SUV, and it continues to work!

We obviously don't recommend you subject your Voyager to such abuse, but it's good to know that it's up to the challenge of living at the bottom of your briefcase, purse, or desk drawer! The Flash Voyager USB 2.0 drive is stylish, compact, and reliable, so you know you can trust it with your MP3s, digital images, presentations and other critical data.

Fully Plug and Play with most operating systems and backward-compatible with USB 1.1.

Series Flash Voyager
Model CMFUSB2.0-16GB
Capacity 16GB
Features Plug & Play functionality in Windows Vista, XP, 2000, ME, Linux 2.4 and later, Mac OS 9, X and later
Parts 10 years limited
Labor 10 years limited
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