Jan 26, 2004
On one computer I am having a period of regular courruptions of programs and files. Not all programs corrupt. The same programs are on 3 computers. This computer, "Master" is subject to one thing that I know of that is different. That is, I backup the pst and a couple other files from "slave" computer to Master (the outlook folder with the pst file). The Slave also is running iHateSpam with Outlook. I didn't load it on the Master this lasts time just to see if that would make problems less likely. I'm just grabbing at straws, but I wonder if anyone knows for sure if the transfer of the pst file could be corrupting the os.


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Jun 10, 2001
Doubtful. Run chkdisk, and maybe think about switching IDE cables just to try and rule them out. Run memtest86 to test your ram.


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Jul 4, 2002
I agree, the mostly likely cuplrit is hardware...

Although sometimes bugs in the drivers do cause big problems...

If scandisk and other utilities don't help, I'd check the IDE cables.

For what it is worth the only time I've had problems with corrupted files (other then when using Fat or during a brownout-induced hard crash) in a normal acting computer was due to a buggy IDE controller hardware, I was getting a bunch of "CRC" errors in it.

Turn off DMA interrupts, this makes your HD run at a slower spec (like ATA33 vs ATA100) so it lessens the chances of corruption.
If your cables are out of spec (too long or rolled) throw them away and get proper cables, flat short ribbon 80 wire IDE cables. It's faster and more reliable then the rolled cable crap.
Check the drivers for newer versions, check for any systematic problems with your chipset/motherboard.
Watch the brownout/blackouts. If it happens often enough you WILL get data corruption, get a UPS if that is a issue...