Correct voltage for T-bird 800 (and more...)?


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Sep 10, 2000
Yes... what's the correct voltage for a T-bird 800? The thing is, my friend bought an A7V with a T-bird 800, and it runs at 1.80 V with the "default" setting in bios. But aren't Thunderbird 800s supposed to run at 1.70 V? I had trouble finding information on AMD's web page on this - I'm an Int*l addict myself - so if somebody could also give me a good link to this kind of "tech info" at I'd be even more grateful! So, my questions:

1. The voltage for T-bird 800 is ... ?

2. Reasonable temp for the same CPU is ... ?

3. Any reason not to use the latest Via 4in1-424 found at Asus' site (together with WinME)?

4. Should he also use the VIA AGP driver 403, or is this included in 4in1?

5. Important BIOS settings? We've loaded setup defaults, changed memory speed to 133 MHz (he has PC133), and checked that everything else looked OK. We haven't started overclocking yet...

Anyway, the system is stable and runs Q3A like a dream (with a GF2 GTS and 128 MB PC133), but it is very choppy in Clusterball. This is an OpenGL-based game that runs very well with Detonator 6.27 on my Win98-system below (with a GFDDR only, settings in game/drivers the same). We've disabled WinME's System Restore utility, emptied the startup folder, and a few other simple things, but Clusterball is still choppy... It feels like either hdd-choppiness or AGP-texturing to me, but I'm not sure... So, could this be:

a) WinME (hidden "feature", DirectX 8 or something)?
b) A7V + T-bird (wrong bios settings, memory/AGP management, or...)?
c) Anything else?