Question Core2Duo to Core2Quad upgrade for gaming.


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Mar 10, 2017
I've done almost this exact same upgrade in the past. I was gifted with a few used Optiplex 780 SFF desktops like this one (same gen basically). They came with low end core2duo processors with 4GB ram each with old 250GB mechanical hard drives. I had a few Core2quad q8400 processors from old PC pulls and a bucket of 4GB DDR3. I bought some used SFF 750Ti video cards and 240GB SSDs in a lot for $120 and using the parts I had on hand, upgraded all of those PCs to quads with 16GB ram and 256GB drives.

They were not the fastest machines of course, but they ran Windows well, went through most videos and browsed with dozens of tabs open with no issues. They could game at 1080p moderate settings and be playable for casual players. The q8400 is not super fast, but it is four cores and has decent cache.

I sold them all for $120 a piece.

These days, I'm buying Optiplex 7010/9010/7020/9020 and putting 1650s in them. They really do quite well.
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Oct 22, 2018
Yeah those old Dells are amazing fun, i had one that i put a G0 stepped Q6600 into, and i did the tape mod and got 3ghz. Was plenty for its intended purpose as a WOT low setting 60+ fps experience and it worked like a charm.