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coolermaster cooler question


Junior Member
Sep 20, 2000
on the cooler i got with my duron, i got an standard coolermaster cooler, on the bottom of it is a square piece of something
should i take that off or leave it on

also when i overclock my duron 650 to higher and i run 3dmark 2000, the system just freezes, i have had the system at 849 or so (7.5*113) and windows just boots up an works fine, but when i run games or 3dmark the computer freezes.

question what is getting too hot, and what cooler should i get for my duron 650



Golden Member
Sep 20, 2000
I got one of that coolermaster things for my Cel2 first.
The square piece is instant thermal compound that's melting when the processor is "fired" up for the first time.
But according to my measurements the compound is of lousy quality. After I removed the green stuff and replaced it with high quality compound the temp went down 5 Degrees (Celsius!).

Anyway the Cooler isn't very good for overclocking. As you can see below, I now go with an Alpha which gives another 5-8 Degrees less. Due to the huge cooling fins I don't have to use the recommended (very loud) 6cm vent and mounted the coolermaster vent, that is quite silent.

I bet your freezing problem is caused by the processor, cause stable windows or even seti-tests can't make sure you got a stable gaming platform.
My highest level test is the demo-replay from "Rally Masters". If it is running for an hour, the system is rock-stable. (Rally Masters maybe crash even if other games or 3dmark2000 pass)

So try another cooler or at least better compound.
Good luck ;)