Cooler setup: Side fan + stock CPU HS VS No side fan + A50


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Sep 21, 2001
I am putting together a machine right now, and I encountered a little road block. I was planning on using a Corsair A50 air cooler as CPU HS, but the case has a side fan and with the A50 mounted, the side panel won't close. Ideally, I would like to keep them both, but because of the interference, I have to give up one, so I am wondering on which one I should give up.

For more details, the case is a Thermaltake V9, 2 x 120 mm fans (front and back), 230 mm top fan as exhaust and 230mm side fan as intake. The included 120mm fans are noisy, but move a decent amount of air. The 230mm are amazing, very quiet and move tons of air. The CPU is a FX8350, and the video card is a Powercolor Radeon HD7950. While the A50 obviously means better cooling for the CPU, the side fan would surely help the video card, hence why I am debating on what to keep.

I know there is an alternative, get a shorter cooler than the A50 and problem solved, but I would prefer to avoid it if I can. What should I do? Side fan + stock HS, or no side fan + A50?