Cooler Master HYPER 6+ cpu heatsink/fan...BAREBONE/REFURB...@ MWave for $23.60


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May 11, 2006
MWave has the Cooler Master Hyper 6+ cpu heatsink/fan setup for $23.60.

It is listed like this: Refurbished Bare Product No Accessories w/15-day Warranty...*Limit 1pcs/customer.

I don't know what no accessories means...could mean something like no manual all to the way to not having any of its mounting plates included. I cannot get a straight answer from MWave after talking with them....but if you have a Hyper 6+ that's dead, or you have enough spare parts from one to mount on another board (like you mounted on a 939 and now have a 775 board you need a cooler for), then this may be for you. I know it's a cheap price!!!

Link to the Hyper 6+ cooler...refurb/barebone.