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Mar 8, 2017
I have a desktop PC which, while somewhat old, still meets my needs wonderfully. It has an AMD Phenom II X6 1090T processor on a Gigabyte GA970A-DS3P mainboard and 16 GB (4 x 4 GB) Corsair Vengeance DDR3-1866 RAM, running Windows 10 Pro x64. I'm not a gamer but I do some heavy stuff like video transcoding and VMs, yet my PC is still more than fast enough for my needs and I don't intend to replace it or overclock it - no need for that.

For the same reason, a good budget CPU cooler is enough for me and I don't need a pricey monster. It's in a large and well ventilated Cooler Master CM690 case. So far, my CPU has been cooled with an Akasa Nero 2, which is great bang for the buck and did a great job very reliably for several years.

However, everything gets old, and two of the four rubber clamps (or whatever they're called) that attach my Nero's fan to the heatsink dried up, hardened, broke, and I had to throw them away. The slots on the heatsink where the clamps are inserted are also a little deformed from years of heat dilation and occasional maintenance wear. So, the fan is precariously hung by only two rubber clamps, and I need to replace my cooler ASAP, because sometimes the fan gets loose from its own vibration, and then my CPU overheats.

A complication is that I live in Brazil, where hardware is much more expensive than in the U.S. and the market offers much more limited choices. The Nero has been discontinued, it seems - I can't find it anywhere. After searching a bit, I thought that the Cooler Master Hyper 212X could be a good choice.

The problem is, I have read reviews saying that the Hyper 212X has very little clearance for tall memory DIMMs - and as you know, the Corsair Vengeance has a huge heat spreader. It was already a problem whenever I needed to remove and reinstall my Nero for whatever reason - I had to install the cooler without the last DIMM and put it back again afterwards with the cooler mounted, which was no easy task. With the Hyper 212X, I have even seen reports of people who had to invert the fan (i.e., place it on the opposite side of the heatsink) so the memory would fit, and I wouldn't like to do that.

Two questions: first, is anyone successfully using a Hyper 212X over Vengeances or similar DIMMs with tall heat spreaders, and is the clearance high enough? I wouldn't like to buy a cooler and then find out that there is no room for my RAM. Second, would the Hyper T4 be an alternative? I know, the Hyper 212X is superior, no doubt, but it also costs 50% more than the T4 here, the T4 seems not to have clearance problems, and considering my relatively modest needs, it might do the job for me. What do you think?

Thanks a lot for your help.


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Aug 26, 2014
I have used a 212 Evo (not X, but identical dimensions) alongside 4 Corsair Dominator DDR2 DIMMs (these)for years. No issues with clearance. As the tower is rather slim (the heatsink itself doesn't extend past the CPU socket on one axis), chances are it won't actually reach your DIMM slots. If it does, shifting the fan bracket slightly upwards is no problem, and should solve any problems.

And as you say, you can mount the fan on the back, inverting it to pull air through instead of pushing. This will have zero impact on performance.