Cool, just got a HP iPAQ h1945 for $202.90!


Dec 12, 2000
This is a pretty good deal, right?? I got it at Office Depot. During black Friday they gave out rainchecks for those of us who made it to the store in time but couldn't get in on the CLIE SJ22 deal for $69. Normally they wouldn't give rainchecks, but apparently this one store didn't have ANY in they gave rainchecks. Later in the week they realized this CLIE had been discontinued and they would never get them back in stock. Naturally, they've got to do something for the customers with rainchecks...right? So I called them up to see if I could come in and pick up the CLIE, they told me the story, and then said I could use my raincheck as an $80 off coupon good on ANY PDA in the store!! Combine that with my $15 off coupon and that's almost $100 off INSTANTLY on ANY PDA!!

I'm a bit bummed that there weren't any mail-in rebate deals on top of this (only an HP manufacturer's rebate good for $100 if I buy an HP iPAQ and ACT! 6.0 together) but its better than nothing!

Only question is...should I stick with the h1945 or should I have sprung for the h2215?? It's a bit out of my price range at the moment...

How much are those 802.11 SDIO cards anyway???
Oct 19, 2000
Scan please!!! j/k

Great deal. I once had a PalmVII, but never used it. I've kinda taken a fancy to the iPaq's though, as the OS and color is VERY nice. Haven't kept up on them lately, though, but I would assume a nice OS and color screen is standard on all of them now ;).