Convince me to stick to gaming on PC

The Green Bean

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Jul 27, 2003
I was always a console fan, until I discovered multiplayer games specifically RA2 and CS. I was instantly addicted. Since then, I have been making numerous upgrades to my PC since then. Sadly there have been no "good" games single player games out. Except for some RTS games, the rest are better on Xbox and PS2. And obviosuly there is more choice for console gaming. The saddest part is that I cannot play on any servers based outside of Pakistan since there is tooo much lag (400-500ms). The only games the idiots in Pakistan play is War3 (which I have never touched)(DOTA and 3corrs) and CS which is ridiculously boring.

Only SP games I have enjoyed on PC have been.
1. Far Cry
2. Rome: TW
3. RA2 (single player was fun too)
4. Impression games' city builind series
5. Act of War: direct action

So take the multi player aspect out. Is there still any reason not to buy an Xbox360 or PS3 over a PC? Obviously a PC costs 10 times a console for only 5% of the games.


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Feb 5, 2005
You should go console, that way we dont have to read your posts anymore.


Aug 10, 2002
When people ask us whether or not to do a major PC upgrade or get the console version of one of our games, we always recommend the console version. Our games tend to push the limits of technology pretty hard, so it?s much easier to predict performance on a closed box than one with thousands of possible configurations."
From the PR man of Bethseda (Elder Scrolls developers)