Conversion from AT to ATX


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Aug 12, 2000
Someone might be giving me an old AT case that I might turn into a LAN system. (The Addtronics w8500 rocks, but damn is it big and heavy to carry!) Most AT cases I've seen have a wire straight from the power switch to the PSU. I would want to use a newer ATX mobo. Is there some way to install an ATX switch, or maybe some other solution I'm missing?


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Mar 31, 2000
I have an old California PC Products full tower that's built like a damn tank! Only problem is, it's an AT case. It would be a shame to throw it out, so I called CPC to ask if it was possible to convert it to an ATX case. They said no. It really is a damn shame.



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May 16, 2000
I would off ahndedly sayt hat those guys are stoned. Think about it the only diffs are primarily in the powersupply itself. Besides some minor drilling and tapping of the mobo mounting surfaces to conform to the ATX form factor. then you have to figure out how to mount the Power suppply. again all types of drilling and rigging. The swithes you would use to run the power supply are available at any Radio Shack. BUT why would you want to go through all that trouble to do that when you can get a new bargain basement priced case from about $30.00 shipped? I ve seen them even cheaper than that at some places


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Mar 5, 2000
I currently have two old AT cases that are running ATX power supplies and motherboards. All you have to do is to get a momentary switch from radio shack and solder wires to it, then get an old used connector that will fit on the pins on the motherboard, then drill a small hole in the front of the case, (could be the back or anywhere). Works just as good as a new case!! I have a celery II 633 @ 950 running in one of the cases with no prob!:)