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Continuing Adventures of The Bush Junta: Rumsfeld in trouble for remarks again

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Oct 12, 1999
Originally posted by: mastertech01
Originally posted by: burnedout
Comparing Iraq to California, at least in my eyes, is done by this Administration to place California in a bad light as BushBaby did not carry the state in the 2000 Election Fraud. Why don't they say 'About 1/2 the size of Texas', Slightly smaller that Montana, or compare it to a foriegn country as in 'Slightly bigger than Sweden', or ever 'A little larger than Spain' - all of which is true. (as is California being 'Slighty" smaller than Iraq.)
Probably because the international, geographical aptitude of the average American is about on par with that of Mr. Stay-Puft Marshmellow Man. Why not give them something they can relate to? For many years, "West Germany" was equated in size to the state of Oregon.

The old Army headstart program used to tell the soldiers that West Germany was about the size of Texas. It was primarily an example to identify the differences in transportation geography. We Americans are used to a long trip for vacation being thousands of miles, where in Germany it was considered a couple hundred miles. They could keep a car many more years due to thier limited car miles traveled, especially with a huge mass transit system. They have a great train system, something Americans have neglected to take advantage of for many years.
As I remember it from headstart in '83, Oregon was comparable.

Today's total land area, including East Germany, is 137,838 square miles (slightly smaller than Montana).

For comparison:

Texas = 268,601 square miles
California = 155,973 square miles
Montana = 147,046 square miles

West Germany (FRG) was 96,000 square miles
East Germany (GDR) was 41,000 square miles

Oregon = 98,386 square miles


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Mar 2, 2003
Originally posted by: Moonbeam
Iraq is about the size of Bush's ego
His Child Ego... He hardly ever visits his Adult Ego.... either Critical Parent or Child... It seems..



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Feb 12, 2003
wow, you're using the word junta, you're smart. You made that whole post, just so you could use junta.