Conspiracy Theory: Conspiracy theory sites and video pages are virtually all just grifter honeypots to create a concentrated audience of idiots.

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Nov 24, 1999
Wait, did you suspect that because he's a pig that I felt the right to be offended. Maybe you missed the joke. I am only showing him how he thinks. I could care less that he's a pig. There is nobody to be blamed for it. He is what he had to be to survive overwhelming psychological abuse. If it means calling some woman a wise and beautiful woman, it's all fair game to him.

Thank you for trying to help me by trying to make fun of me. Social sanctioning is liberal de rigueur these days. Sadly, you will never come close to causing me the pain I cause myself. I am the worst in the world even though I do say so with all modesty. Love you too.
Let me say then, rather than seeking to punish the faults of others, seek instead: