Considering software RAID, what kind of CPU do i need?


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Jan 31, 2002
Hi all,

I currently have 266mhz Dell Dimension running Wink2k Pro acting as a fileserver with a 120GB SE WD doing weekly backups to a WD 120GB 5400 drive. Everything works great but I will be running out of space very soon. I doubt my puny PSU will be able to handle 2 more 120GB drives for a hardware RAID 0+1 setup, so I am considering using two 120GB drives in a hardware RAID 0 array internally and backup my information to an external RAID 0 array of two 120GB 5400 rpm drives connected via firewire. The reason why i want to go through all this trouble is because the drives are going to be about $260 alone and i dont quite want to shell out even more money than i have to at the moment.

First, is this possible?
Second, what kind of processing power will i need to run software RAID?

Thanks for the help.