Considering a home server? or a mybook live duo? or???

Discussion in 'Computer Help' started by ares350, Nov 12, 2012.

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    Im taking a step back from my current situation and reconsidering how I manage my technology.

    It occurs to me that Im rather disorganized in how I manage my "stuff".

    What I would like to do is setup a data storage device of some kind that will get me away from tiny conventional cloud storage.

    I currently use skydrive primarily, and dropbox as a backup. The idea of paying 50 bucks a year for 100gigs seems silly... I understand the benefits of these services being isolated from power and network interruptions, so Ill keep them around.

    But I would like a way to store media for mobile consumption, and for sharing purposes.

    In my mind, I imagine a raid 1 or better of several terabytes, storing all my tv and movies, preferably connected to a cablecard quad tuner for HTPC recording. And the ability to share this media, as well as pictures and music, to my PC, laptop, cellphone, and even to friends and family.

    Im supposed to be the tech savy one in the group, who wouldn't love someone willing to host the party for media sharing? No more snapfish or any of that.

    Furthermore, how about other stuff? what else should I want? Long as I have this hardware, how about the ability to run a minecraft server or something along those lines?

    Alas, I get ahead of myself. The problem is, I really don't know where to start... Im good with computers, to the extent that I can build a PC and trouble shoot it. but Im no IT guru.

    Question is... where to begin.

    I think the mybook live duo is the easy option, but probably not the efficient one? its very structured in what it can do, and it can only do a little piece of what I would like to have.

    servers? I have no experience with Linux, I think Im safer in the Microsoft world. Looks like windows home server 2012 enterprise is the current deal, but 450 bucks is a bit steep... can I just run windows 8? I know that's not really a server anymore... but how far could I get running a big full tower stacked with hard drives and windows 8? would I get farther running win home server 2011?

    sorry for the long post, any help is much appreciated.
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