Connection Problem


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Nov 10, 2005
I have a WRT54g router hooked up to VerizonDSL. Today when I got home from work the internet wouldn't connect, i rebooted and it was fine for an hour, it went down again and won't come back, even on reboot. My laptop can get on the internet on the same cable or using wireless, but my desktop get the cannot connect to message.

Does anyone know what the problem is?



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Oct 9, 1999
You may want to call your ISP and/or the maker of your router for tech support. Sometimes, they have alternate settings that overcome specific problems.

Others may be able to give you more help if you tell us what OS you're using and the make and model of your network card (if separate) or your motherboard, if the net card is on the board.


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Oct 25, 1999
Since your Laptop works OK we have to assume that it is Not your Internet connection, the Modem, or the Router.

It might be faulty Network Hardware, or and a problem in the Desktop's Network settings.

In General you can debug the Network Settings of a computer by following these steps.

Step One. Check the Network parameters in the Computer?s Device Manager. Make sure that the drivers are installed correctly; there is No IRQ conflict, and No Ghost installation.

Step Two Verify Basic network setting in the OS:
If the above two Steps indicates that every thing looks good but functionally it does not work.

Step Three. Check (and repair if necessary) the Socket Layers, Winsock, and or refresh the TCP/IP Stack.
If need to Reinstall; Log to this page it have a lot of links to instructions for Windows Network Installation - <