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Connecting Sony HT-M5 to my computer!!


Junior Member
May 30, 2015
Hi people, i'm new here.

So, i want to connect Sony HT-M5 sound system to my computer to be able to play games in 5.1 speaker configuration. What i need to do?

As far as I know, i need a sound card with DDL (Dolby Digital Live) and DTS Interactive... Am i right? Or do I need both technologies? I'm asking that because i'm thinking about buying Asus Xonar DS wich does have DTS...

Does the sound devide must have these technologies too?

Wich connetion type do i use? HDMI? Optical? Digital?

Can I use my video card (using HDMI) instead of a sound card? If so, will the sound quality be as good as when we use a sound card?