Connecting 2 inputs into 1 set of speakers??


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Nov 29, 2005
In my dorm, I currently have a set up of a Laptop (dell e6400) with its docking station, a keyboard, a mouse, and my 22 inch dell s2209w monitor.

my speaker system is the Logitech z-2300 set and my problem arises here.

I plan on next year, buying a desktop to go with my laptop for some gaming.

I plan on using the same monitor and keyboard mouse setup but i dont know how to connect both the docking station and the tower to my speakers because the speakers only have one input unlike my setup at home in which the speaker system can also support AUX input.

what would i require to have both connected to my speaker system at once? is some kind of reverse splitter adequate? like the Red White cables to 1?



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Aug 6, 2001
Back in my 2002 days, I did use a reverse splitter for a while. Actually it was more complicated that that, but I did use a reverse splitter to get multiple sources connected to my z-560s. I remember having some small static issues, but I did have more than just the one reverse splitter in there.

If you want to try that first, it's cheap enough that you're not out much if it doesn't work quite right.

I don't know what gender or cord length you need, but here's an example

Some other things that might work:

Hook up one source to the line-in on the other. If you have both computers on all the time, this may work for you depending on the soundcards. You'd mute the line-in on the "middle" computer to mute the one at the end of the "first comptuer" "middle computer" "speakers" chain.

Hmmm.... I just read your post again...

When you say you're using the same monitor and keyboard, does that mean for both the laptop and the tower?

What if you got a KMV switch to use for both computers? A lot of those have audio connections with them in addition to monitor and USB ports.