Confliction problem in NT4 using Asus MB


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May 31, 2001
Heres a quick breakdown of my system.

asus p4b i845 motherboard
1.5GB 3 sticks of 512MB samsung PC133 sdram
windows NT4.0 and SP6a
3com 3905C-TXM
ATI Radeon 64MB DDR agp
maxtor 30GB hdd
P4 1.7GHz 478pin

I install and load up NT4 just fine, I install service pack 6A fine, I install all the latest drivers for my board, ethernet card, and video card. The problem is that when I finish loading my ATI drivers, the video card works - I can switch resolutions and color mode fine, but my 3com card ceases to operate. I get event log messages when I boot up saying stuff like EL90x ati2mg error, unable to allocate resource. and other errors like 3905c drivers unable to load.

I tried replacing the 3com card with another 3com card, same problem exists, tried replacing with an Netgear card, no luck. I tried replacing the ATI radeon 64MB ddr card and the same problem exists.

I take out the 3com card, unload all network services and leave just the ATI radeon and everything boots up fine with no errors, I take out the Radeon and put a 32MB rage pro card load drivers for it and reinstalled the 3com card, everything works fine

So i decided maybe the Radeon 64 has driver problems and that is throwing the 3com out of wack, it still works under NT4 just that it disables the 3com network card. I used the latest beta drivers and normal drivers on ATI's website with no luck. I tried the Radeon 64 card in my other system running 2000 and 98 and also 3com card + asus p4b board, loaded the drivers on that system and it works flawlessly without error.

So my conclusion is that when you team up the ATI Radeon 64MB DDR + 3com 3905C ethernet card + ASUS P4B + NT4 then you get this problem. Ive called up ASUS and i explained the problem to the technical support guy. He was kinda stumped and he offered to let me Beta test the new 1004 Beta 1 drivers for the ASUS P4B that is unreleased - I was previously using 1003 that i got from their webpage. I didnt have time to test the setup with the new bios but I will update with my results.

If anyone can offer any technical advice and some different test patterns or if you've encountered similar experiences, I very much appreciate some insight. Thanks everyone for the time and effort.


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Oct 9, 1999
Can you try a non-ATI card?

A number of boards from ASUS have been having odd problems with ATI boards lately....the A7A266 is another one.