Configuring RJ 45 jack for RJ11

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    So this place I just moved into had 4 RJ11 jacks, but they used Cat5e to wire the jacks from room to room. So I of course used some of this as a shortcut to networking my house for Gigabit ethernet. Now that it is all said and done, I have the 2 unused Rj11 cables coming from the outside, and I have a few remaining R45 punchdown jacks and I understand that RJ11 can use RJ45 if configured properly.

    So my question is how do I go go about punching down the rj11 to an rj45 jack to use it for phone service in case I ever decide to get DSL in the future?
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    RJ11, RJ14, and RJ45 are basically the cube types you punch down over the cable, cat5 is the cable you can punch down any of the three cubes on, and you can use an RJ45 jack [not cube] for phone or Ethernet as the RJ11/RJ14 cubes slide right into a Ethernet port [thought I wish they did not, every day someone puts the phone line in the Ethernet ports for my job].

    The "How" is you follow the color coding on the outlet diagram like you do for anything else. The deal is the primary [usually blue/light pair] pair needs to be the center pins, and then that pair and only that pair will carry the phone signal, the rest will be unused unless you get multiple numbers in which case the next two pins will be the secondary pair [usually orange and light orange]. You only need one pair for phone, 2 pair [RJ14] jacks are used to carry 2 lines at once or in some commercial situations secondary voltage for phone systems so you may be able to save some cash and get RJ11 rather than RJ14 cubes. I never have to pay for them so do not pay attention but you can also just punch a single pair into RJ14 cubes if you prefer, etc...
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    You patch the cables down in to RJ45 jacks/patch panel and just plug the RJ11 phone cord in to the patch panel on one side and the RJ11 phone cord in the other. There is no "rewiring" or "configuration" involved. As for the phone from outside, just terminate it to an RJ11 jack you can buy every where and use a short length of RJ11 phone cord to go from it to the RJ45 patch panel.
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