Computer Upgrades; Looking Ahead...


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Jul 1, 2002
Hey everyone. Recently I've been contemplating future upgrades to my computer. I figure I'll have a few bucks to upgrade with right after the Christmas holidays

Current Vital System Specs:
2.26GHZ Northwood
Epox 4g4a+
512MB Corsair XMS pc3200
MSi Geforce4 Ti4400
2 * 80GB WD Special Edition w/8mb cache
Lian Li pc65 Alluminum Case

Looking ahead at upgrade costs (for January). If you think any prices are bad guesses, note that.

nVidia NV30 ~ $360
Motherboard ~ $140
CPU that can be oc'ed @ 3.5GHZ with stock cooling~ 250 (keeping in mind the average OC of Northwoods to be ~30%)

All comments welcome! What features can we expect from motherboards by January besides 8x AGP?