Computer ssuck! Wireless networking problem, Im stumped...


Jul 26, 2002
Instead of re-typing the problem I'm going to copy an AIM conversation I had with my friend just now (was hoping he could figure it out) If you have any questions just ask, hopefully someone can shed some light on this problem for me.

Cuda498: aight well see if you can figure this one out...
Cuda498: I had kristen buy a wireless G router and adapter so she could use the internet on the comp in her room
Cuda498: I installed the adapter in her comp, all's good then installed the software on her parents computer where the dsl modem and router will be at...
Cuda498: the problem is once I got all the settings and everything on the router set (by using the cd, not manually) the internet couldn't be connected thru the router, and the only msg it gives is to try turning off the cable/dsl modem
Cuda498: which doesn't work, I tried everything and I know I have the wires right, Ive done it before at my house....
Cuda498: the thing that sucks is she's using DSL AOL which means you gotta sign on, I originally thought she had cable which is always on, but still that shouldn't be a problem, I can't figure out why it wont work
Cuda498: any ideas?



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Dec 24, 2003
Tell us more.
Why did her parents' comp need software installed on it? What software was it?
What OS are they using?
Is her parents' comp wired into the router? How's the LAN connection?
Is PPPoE software installed on her computer? If so, which software?
What are the router's settings for receiving an address from the ISP and assigning addresses to clients?
Does the router match the computer settings for ESSID, WEP, channel?


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Mar 11, 2003
To add to the above questions from Zelmo3:

What brand and model router is it?
Does AOL DSL use PPPOE or something else?