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Question Computer boots sometimes and sometimes it doesn't


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Jan 13, 2021
I have a pic with the following specs,
Asus rampage V extreme
1 x GTX 970
1 x GTX 1070
32gb Ram
PSU - 1000w cooler master

My problem : when I press the power button on my case, the light in the power button turns on, but the computer doesn't boot. I know it doesn't boot, cuz when my computer boots, the lights on my keyboard and mouse turn on. Also th pc doesn't beep. But the fans are running. I then have to press and hold the power button till it turns off and try again. On multiple such attempts, randomly the pc sometimes will beep and then boot.
Sometimes the power switch light turns on and goes off after like 3 to 5 seconds and sometimes it stays on forever but doesn't boot.

I'm really concerned as I have a couple of projects that I'm working on and I'm afraid of losing my pc. Any help will be appreciated.



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Aug 11, 2001
Has it been in this configuration with same parts for a significant period of time or have changes been made?

I'd guess that your PSU is struggling to ramp up power fast enough for this load, and try it without one of the video cards installed, and of course if you are overclocking, to try a lower or no o'c.

If the PSU is getting older, I'd also pull it and examine for vented capacitors.

Just for the heck of it, I'd also try disconnecting the power button, shorting together the mobo power pins with a screwdriver or whatever, in case the power switch has failed and is shorting out... rare, but it happens.
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Mar 29, 2001
If you haven't already done so, next time it boots you need to do a full system backup before you shut it down again.

I concur with @mindless1 's suggestions above. It also wouldn't be a bad idea to throw in running a SMART test on your boot drive if you are able to get it to start up again.

Also, when you say it beeps and then boots, by chance is it more than one beep (i.e. a troubleshooting beep code)?