Computer boots, no video


Senior member
Sep 22, 2004
My dad moved his dell computer around today, and when he plugged everything back in, the computer booted up, however there was no output on the monitor. I tried the monitor on my working pc, its not broke; I plugged in my monitor into the dell and no video again.

I put my graphics card which works in the dell, no luck. I tried the dell's graphics card on my computer, and it works. I thought maybe the agp slot burned out, so I even tried an old pci video card to no avail. I checked to make sure the ram, hard drive, cpu etc are all connected and they are. I took out the cmos battery for a while and that didnt do anything.

My uncle suggested that i check the jumpers on the mobo for video settings,but there are only 2 or 3 jumpers and they arent video related.

I am all out of ideas. Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.