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Mar 3, 2000
Trying to flesh this home theater build out. I have to buy/install everything. I don't have a budget yet, but for this exercise, let's assume $10K.

What I need:
7.1 in one room. This will be the main HT. Likely going with in wall or ceiling speakers or a combo of them. A free standing subwoofer is OK.
2.1 in another room. Kind of a "back up TV".
8 zones with in ceiling speakers.
2 zones with outside speakers.

Everything should be independent. IE: Select any or all zones. 7.1 and 2.1 systems are independent.
Install in a typical 2400 sq ft house.

I am mostly confused about feeding the 10 zones. It would be nice to feed it from the 7.1 system but I am guessing it would need to be a separate system. Source would be Bluetooth and network streaming and possibly music DVDs or Laser Discs. Though I guess I could rip the DVDs and Laser Discs.

What say the great minds of AT?


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Jul 6, 2009
Matrix switchers from companies like Extron or Kramer, multi zone audio controllers from companies like Russound and Monoprice and a lot of others I've never heard of, and wireless stereo sources and amps from Denon (HEOS) and SONOS.

Here's a build thread from AVS forum that's worth a read:
They used a lot of Chromecast Audios so something similar would need an alternative device but could still be done.

The number of zones you're looking at is pretty high and going to require some extra work. The amount of initial hardware installation setup and cable running you want to do seems like it would control, but really I think the number of people potentially using the system at once will be the deciding factor.
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