Complex switching problem for high-tech presentation


Mar 12, 2001
I've been trying to figure this one out for 2 weeks now, still no good solution...

So here's what I've got:

3 computers
2 large displays
1 small display (the "console" near kb/mouse)
1 kb
1 mouse

My goal:

To have 3 computers hooked up to 2 large displays, and being able to control them and preview whats on their screen (one at a time) from a single console (small display, kb, mouse)....

Think: a presentation where one guy stands at a podium and is able to control whats displayed on the two large screens behind him from his small display/kb/mouse on the podium in front of him.

At any given time the two large displays should be showing the video out from two different machines - and I should be able to switch one of the large displays to the video out of the 3rd computer at any time, while maintaining a picture on both displays (no "KVM blackout" because of a switch).

I was thinking I could hookup the small display+kb+mouse to the KVM console port, then hook up KVM Port 1,2,3 to the 3 machines to at least control their kb/mouse. However the problem is with splitting the video signals correctly to have the large displays actually work.

I'm not limited by the number of KVM's and VGA/DVI splitters I can use. I just have no idea how I can get this working, and I've been unable to wrap my head around it for quite a while.

If anyone has any thoughts on the matter, please do post! I look forward to reading your responses...