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Completely new league


Senior member
Nov 30, 2001
Football season is starting soon, and with it the roller coaster ride of fantasy football begins. I'm getting ready for a league with a group of friends, but because it is my first time I want to get a draft experience first.

Who wants to start a fantasy football league right now? The draft will be held as soon as the first 12 members sign up. Nfl.com will be host, and I will be GM. I have no discriminations, but you must play the entire season.

This message is being posted on hardware sites I frequently browse. I hope to find a good group of dedicated football lovers, and drawing from great communities should yield a great league. I hold much respect for this community, which is created by great groups of people. I want people who will have a good time, abstaining from drama and bad feelings. It should be a fun experience.

This league is completely free, and the time requirements are up to you. Drafting tonight and setting up your roster once a week would suffice I believe.

First 12 commitments join the league, then draft. I'm anxious to start.