Compaq Restarts when launching CS:S


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Sep 5, 2005
My friend just got a new media center PC from Compaq that came with
-Windows Media Center Edition
-AMD 3500+
-1 gig ram
-x200 Integrated ATI card.
-Widescreen LCD monitor

My friend, deciding he needed a bit more power in the graphics department picked up a 6200 TC which I installed fom him, media center drivers and all. Everything was working fine, even playing 3d games such as the Battlefield 2 demo, except one thing. Whenever he tries to start Counterstrike:Source, the computer simply restarts. Having proven that the video card works in other situations, I've tried the following things

-disabling the norton firewall while launching the game
-making CS launch in widescreen through a config file
-Re-installed the game

In each case, the same problem appears. Should I try installing non-media center drivers on the 6200? If anybody has had a similar problem either on the card or Compaq media center PCs any advice would be helpful.


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Apr 25, 2005
Get drivercleaner pro. Uninstall all ATI/nVidia software. Use drivercleaner pro to clean out all the leftover driver files. Install the nVidia drivers.

The ATI and nVidia drivers may be conflicting.