Comdex worth it?


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Oct 22, 1999
Me and the wife are going to Vegas in the fall sometime. I am just an average geek whos been playing at home and doing a little bit of consulting with a few (very)small businesses. Is comdex worth going to for someone like me?

ps: not sure if this belongs in "general hardware" but that is whats at Comdex.


Aug 5, 2000
comdex is huge and spread out all over the map. lots and lots of interesting stuff but you gotta walk miles and spend at least a coup'la whole days there to see at least half of what's shown. just me but, if you really want to enjoy the experience be there at opening day and the last. bring comfy shoes, a backpack if you're a packrat and like to scarf up all the free offerings and (ahem) if your wife is not into this kind of fare it will be torture for her after the novelty of it all wears off (like after the first half-minute.) kind of like how guys feel numb and restless waiting for their wives at the mall when they could be out tossing back a few with the boys. good eats are all over the place, and good promo's are out there if you have specifics in mind. ;)