Color Printing: Low-end Inkjet vs Others?


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Oct 22, 2001
Several in my company are trying to get those who make buying decisions to buy some means of quality color printing for our company. As a software consulting firm, we definitely have the need for it. However, their response is, "Why can't we just keep using those cheap/free Dell printers?"

My understanding is that in the long run, inkjet is more expensive than other technologies simply because of the amount you spend for the ink cartridges.

Could somebody chime in on this and provide arguments, with links to back them up, why the low-end inkjet method is not the way to go? Obviously there are concerns about the quality too but I need some way to put it into context financially.

We probably won't be printing a TON of color printouts but we probably would print out quite a few so don't consider this high-volume color printing but more so for proposals, handouts during demos, technical color-coded flowcharts, etc.



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Oct 16, 1999
The dell color laser has bee ndropping.. but not sure how good it is.. im in the market myself..