Collections calling me like crazy - and I have nothing in collections!

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Apr 3, 2001
This is seriously driving me nuts.. I am on the DO NOT CALL list and I only got political and charity phone calls (still way more than I want). Recently (about two weeks ago), I get calls from 7am to 9pm from random 800 numbers and 'unknowns' on my home phone number. Usually they are recorded messages such as:

"This message is for Mary Johnson. If you are not Mary Johnson, then hang up the phone. By continuing to listen, you acknowlege that you are Mary Johnson. We need to discuss recovery of your debt. Please call ###"

Or, I get calls asking for 'me' and then it is a different person with my name after they ask me for my birthdate..

OMG make it stop! I have nothing in collections.. All of my bills are current.. This is clearly people that are not me and I seem to have no way to get all of the different companies to stop calling.

And.. donating to St Jude sucked too.. Gave them like $50 last year and now they call me every damn week! (random rant while I'm ranting)

What can I do besides staying on the phone long enough with 'angry debt collector people' to get company address info and taking my time to write a letter?
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