News Codeplay enables SYCL on RISC-V


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Oct 22, 2004
NSITEXE, Kyoto Microcomputer and Codeplay Software are bringing open standards programming to RISC-V Vector processor for HPC and AI systems

Andrew Richards, Founder and CEO of Codeplay Software, says “The growth in adopting the SYCL standard for programming AI systems, and the strong interest in RISC-V open processors in all market segments makes this project extremely important to all involved. This engagement with both NSITEXE and KMC is the start of an exciting step for us, enabling the RISC-V ecosystem with our ComputeAorta for OpenCL and ComputeCpp for SYCL products. Codeplay has been deeply involved in SYCL, from definition to enabling systems with our ComputeCpp product, and we strongly believe it is the only software standard to link all the AI accelerators to a unified programming solution.”

SYCL training courses:
  • A Practical Introduction to SYCL
  • App Development with SYCL
  • Guided Migrating from CUDA® to SYCL