COD4 1.6 Variety Map Pack - Downloaded


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Aug 15, 2001
Is now available to the public at large.


It's already leaked on 'other' sites but the official release for ClubSLI members is available now. I haven't run it yet but the download is 283MB.

EXCLUSIVE for Club SLI members for 24 hours before it goes public!
With the release of the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Variety Map Pack, Infinity Ward expands the online experience of 2007's top-selling game by providing fans with four new multiplayer maps featuring a variety of locations, while supporting split-screen and system link play. Online action takes players to "Creek," a wide-open village ravaged by combat where concealment is the difference between life and death; "Broadcast," fight throughout an enemy communications building with confined corridors and wide-open parking lots; "Chinatown," a foggy downtown district, lit only by a full moon and the neon glow of the city; and "Killhouse," featuring a desolate training warehouse filled with a variety of building mock-ups and soft and hard cover points. Club SLI members have a 24 hour preview EXCLUSIVE, which gives you a 24 hour "leg-up" on the competition just for being a Club SLI member!