Co-worker wants me to buy iPhones for profit? What's going on?

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Feb 24, 2005
unlocking and selling them. it's done here in israel. since they aren't sold here officially, you can but them for around 4k NIS which is around $1114. so immense profit. so people go to the states, buy them and bring them back and sell them.
Nov 5, 2001
it appears that unlocked iPhones are selling on ebay for around $550 on average, so after fees and the risk of dealing internationally, it doesn't appear to be very profitable.
Feb 19, 2001
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hehe... i am not gonna tell...

actually, what's going on is he will hack them and sell them to Asia or place where Iphones are not officially released. Your friend was probably banned from Apple Store cause he has probably visited them one too many times.

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Have you seen iPhones in Asia? Their cost is pretty freaking low. They get it from much more reliable sources and in way bigger bulk. The guy's probably ebaying or something w/ unlcoked ones.