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Question CMS software for Planar commercial displays


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Nov 2, 2016
I'm working with two Planar simplicity series commercial large format LCD displays and we went to the trouble of running ethernet to both displays because the CMS software provided by Planar allows you to create content and instantly publish that content to the displays over the local network. Seemed like an awesome setup for our application but it turns out the CMS software is absolutely terrible! Once a set display content 'document' has been created it can't be edited or changed at all, so to get the same thing layout with content updates you have to create a whole new project and start from scratch each and every time. That is completely impractical for our application. It only lets you import from one particular file type which is a .cmx file. Does anyone have any suggestions for modern software that runs on windows 10 that can create and edit CMX files, or any software that can be used as an alternative to the Planar CMS software?
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