Cmos dead on LANPARTY UT nF3 250Gb? Need suggestions


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Oct 11, 1999
Yesterday the comp was working fine. This morning it won't boot. No post, no video. When I plug in the power supply, the fans spin and a couple of led's on the board come on. But no beeps or sign of any other activity. Strange thing is that I can't turn it on or off. As soon as I plug in the power supply, the fans spin up, without ever using the power on button. I have disconnected everything except the cpu and video card, and still no change. All I can think of is the bios chip on the board has gone south.

Anyone have any other ideas? Anyone know where I can get a new bios chip for the board?



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Mar 9, 2004
Have you tried resetting the CMOS jumper on the motherboard ?

Make sure if you try this that the power cord is pulled out of the power supply. Ground yourself to prevent any static charge from getting to your equipment.