CM Stacker 830 EVO + Two 2x120 Radiators


Mar 24, 2007
I am thinking of buy thing case


And this water cooling setup


I would be adding an additional 120x2 Radiator to this setup if possible. Do you think I would be able to mount both of these on the inside of the case in place of the 4x120 fan setup? if anyone has this case and could give me some first hand knowledge of how big it really is that would be great. Thanks. It will come out to about 600 or so after all is said and done. it sucks but i think that it would make for a nice setup for years to come if it can work. Also would this leave enough room to fit a 8800 GTX later on?

What is a good case that fits a 120x2 radiator either with out modification or minimal modification? thanks for your time.