Cloning/Mirroring my Desktop to a TV with SLI?


Jan 31, 2013
I'm thinking of connecting my PC to a TV in addition to my current monitor. I'd like my TV to serve as a clone/mirror to my monitor, a secondary display. However, I'm not really sure if it's possible, considering I have two GTX 680s running SLI. Disabling SLI is OK for me if that's the solution, but what about connectivity? I wonder if it's possible to connect the first GPU to the monitor and the second one to the TV. I don't have a DVI adaptor required to hook my main GPU to both displays, so I'm basically stuck with HDMI connectors at the moment, which means I'm going to have to use the second GPU too, because there's only one HDMI slot on each GPU, and my monitor happens to connect only via HDMI.

I'd appreciate some help before I move all my stuff to the other room and buy a DVI adaptor.
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Dec 4, 2009
Before you do anything, look at your Nvidia driver app. Look at the part that says SLI. You will see a few options. Maximize 3d performance, Span Displays with Surrond, Activate All displays, Disable SLI. You will see a diagram with options. I had 2 GTX 580's in SLI and had TV and monitor hooked up for ages. I remember I could have them on separate cards except one of my outputs on one of my 580's simply refused to work but that's another story. I am sure someone else will confirm but I am almost certain I was able to do exactly what you said.