Question Clean Install, Windows 10


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Aug 6, 2000
My trusty XPS13, (9360), has been giving me problems for the past month. Started with me being unable to turn on the firewall. Then MS Office starting telling me various Word files couldn't be opened. Several apps in the MS Store no longer work and cannot be reinstalled. Today I lost my wifi and the laptop only works if wired into the router. Rather than fight, I figure it's time to wipe the SSD and do a clean install.
In the past I was pretty good doing a clean install with an HDD. Are there any differences? Important matters I should be aware of before forging ahead? Step by step link online? Thank you.


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May 4, 2000
With Windows 10, you can just do a reset (which is very simple to do).

The only thing of note when doing a reset or install, is if you are connected to the internet (via LAN cable or WIFI), you will not be given the option of doing a local account and will be forced to have a Microsoft Account.

To avoid this, just don't plug in the LAN cable or enter a WIFI password when prompted during the middle of the install.